Introducing: Sunny Articulation Phonology Test App!

I was fortunate to be able to try out the Sunny Articulation Phonology Test App by Smarty Ears!  Just note, the opinions are all mine!

This $29.99 app is a great tool for traveling SLPs.  It is easy to use to quickly assess articulation and phonology of your students.

First, you can quickly insert a student profile:

 Then you can decide if you want to do a screening of full evaluation. 

"Administration Time for the Screening is between 4 to 8 minutes. Administration of the Full assessment is from 9 to 20 minutes. The administration varies depending on child’s attention span, use of sample recording for target word and use of recording feature."

 Students can record and play back their productions.  The images show the picture, word, and phonetic spelling.  If you touch the word, students will be provided with a model production.  All you have to do is click on the phoneme that a student has made an error on.  This will collect the data for you!

 As you click the blue arrows to go through the exam, students are prompted with reinforcement automatically to help with motivation!

Once completed, you will be able to rate the intelligibility.
 The app automatically collects data and develops a score report that is stored your app.  This is great for progress monitoring over time.
 Images from the full evaluation:  similar format just longer in length.

 For both the screening and full evaluation, at any time, you can click the "notes" tab to jot down notes for yourself.  No paper necessary!  As you can see, I typed in the error but you can type in whether a student was stimulable or not and what the student produced instead of the target sound.
 Again, at the end of the full evaluation, you will be prompted to rate the intelligibility.
 The score reports have various tabs to get information on position, manner, voicing, list of words and more.
 When in the score reports, if you click the "+", you can access the notes you wrote, email results, review audio recordings and print results.  So easy to use!

Overall, this app is great for quick assessments and progress monitoring.  It is perfect for a traveling SLP.  It is also great if you have a budget and want a cheap screening tool.  A full manual is available at


  1. I saw this demo-ed at ASHA and I just want to say that I want I want I want!!!!!!!! No iPad yet but working on it, and as soon as I get one, this will be one of my first purchases. This is a really cool app that can be used for informal assessment and give you soooooooooooo much info.

  2. Standardization? Normative sample? Standard scores? Reliability? Validity? Content & construct validity?

    I'm sorry, I appreciate the need for a more portable articulation test but some pictures and a subjective intelligibility rating don't cut it. You can try what I did (although I'm not sure what the publishers are going to think about it) and use your ipad camera to take pictures of the stimulus plates of your favorite standardized artic test and load them into a folder in your photos file. Kids love the novelty of the ipad and like to flick to the next picture. Plus I get years of research and testing to ensure my results are accurate and valid.

    1. It unfortunately is not standardized but does provide great information. Check out this great comparison to the GFTA

  3. You just forgot to mention what happens when users tap to " email" report and a report is automatically created.

  4. Help! i was giving a screening and the test "froze on me and I couldn't go to the next picture, couldn;t go back and couldn't exit out of test. What now?


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