Sock Hop Story Comprehension Card Game!

My Superhero Story Comprehension pack has been such a hit that I created a fun card game to practice comprehension skills.

This sock hop themed card game is just a fun way to do so!
The set up:
Print and laminate all materials
Place story cards & sock hop cards in one pile
Place the question cards in a separate pile.

And time to use:
Students should take the top card from the story comprehension pile and another from the question probe pile.  Students will listen to or read the story presented.  Then, the teacher/therapist will provide a question based on the probe provided (main idea, recalling a detail, answering a why question).  Work with the student to ensure they are able to respond accurately!  The goal is to have them learn the strategies and become successful.  Once the student responds accurately, they can hold onto their story card.  The question probe card should go back in the bottom of the question probe pile. 

If a student picks a “sock hop” card, they can hold onto that card and get another turn!  This routine keeps going until all story comprehension cards are used.  At that time, students can add up their cards and the one with the most is the winner! 

Question Probe Cards:

I have provided sample questions for the different probes but I left it open-ended so you can generate simple questions or more complex ones for your students' needs.

The file also includes a review worksheet that can  be used at the end of a session or for homework.

You can access this activity HERE!


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  2. Looks like fun!! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

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