Winter Speech Fun!

My Holiday Speech Sounds and Halloween Speech Sounds activities were such a hit, that I created a similar format activity with a winter theme!

 Print and laminate the igloo picture.  Attach it to a tissue box, cereal box or large envelope.   Cut where the “door” is on the igloo.  Use that slot to place the articulation picture cards into the igloo.

Print and laminate desired target speech sound cards.
Students can practice saying their target speech sounds before placing the winter items into the igloo using the designated “door” slot!

Sounds included:

  • Initial position only: /s/ blends, /l/ blends, /r/ blends
  • Initial and final positions only: /g/, /dg/
  • Initial, medial, and final positions: /k/, /s/, /l/, /r/, /th/, /ch/, /sh/

Initial Position:
 Final Position:
 Medial Position:
 Blends too:
The majority of the initial and final position words are in the CVC format for students first learning to produce those target sounds.  The medial is 1-2 syllables for the most part!

I hope you find this pack useful like my other 2!  Enjoy it!  You can access this pack HERE!

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